What are your plans for 2016?

Make plans and execute them. Indeed, planning and executing are two important things in a productive life, just like gratitude and love are two important things in a happy life.

  1. Create  + just deliver it! Remember and apply the values of happygreenpanda: gratitude + creativity + productivity through living, loving and learning; see detailed_plans_20160101*txt. “Creativity is always recombinatory  (of attention, imagination, and salience)— it’s the product of novel information bumping into old ideas to produce something startlingly new.” ~ Steven Kotler.
  2. Be kind with protective shield(s).
  3. Eat healthily and embrace our food adventure in Asia and Middle East.
  4. Sleep sufficiently of at least 7 hours for happygreenpanda.
  5. Exercise more, e.g. kegel exercise, tongue exercise, swimming, walking/hiking, office yoga
  6. A baby sibling for our beloved little prince. “If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.” ~Chinese Proverb.
  7. Travel to a country where happygreenpanda has never visited before [1].

[1] As of 20160701, I have not foreseen any possibility of traveling to a new country. In Spring 2016, my plan to transit at Sri Lanka was canceled due to an unexpected good news, and I further that Srilankan Airlines is facing bankruptcy, which raises concerns for the maintenance and safety. Then, in early Summer 2016, I voluntarily gave up my tickets to the West Coast of USA, because I was concerned on coping with jet lag while being pregnant. However, we can always imagine ourselves as tourists in our home country or country of residence. There will always be new things to explore [2] and discover, when we see with new perspectives. Travel has allowed me to count my blessings and learn lessons, not taught at school, to be street-smart.

[2] One of Little Prince’s favorite words in Summer 2016 has been “explore”, as he learned through the story book A Panda’s World by Caroline Arnold. Though illiterate, Little Prince can now retell the story based on the page-by-page visuals in the story book.



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  1. […] destinations, either solo or with our family. In 2016, we did not travel to new countries much as I planned in the beginning of the year, but Little Prince and/or Honey Panda were still having fun exploring […]


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