What are you grateful for in 2015?

My gratitude list in 2015:
# a family especially papa mama and parents in-law who love and care for us and little prince who allows me to rediscover the wonder of our world
# a loving mother who cooked for us (she spent hours to prepare kimchi), washed our clothes, cleaned our flat and gave us emotional supports.
# faith in God and the universe, remember God has a good plan for us
# a job that allows me to save within a year the same amount as that I saved for ~ three years in my previous job
# an opportunity to contribute to young people
# an opportunity to learn new things including bible + chemistry
# many #happystudy and its contagious effects.
# many #happybreakfast
# many #happybrunch
# many #happylunch
# many #happydinner
# many #happyswim with myself or with honey panda on 20150819 or with little prince
# some #happygym / #happyexercise with honey panda (e.g. 20150909)
# hot showers e.g. 20150925
# many #happywalk @ the garden (e.g. 20150922 – the day when honey panda achieved a milestone in driving), Kyoto (autumn 2015)
# many #happydrink e.g. luohanguo / arhat fruit, 2010923 hot Earl Grey with milk that always reminds me on the adventure in England
# many #happyskype
# a trip to Iceland
# a day trip to Berlin
# a trip to Hainan
# a trip to Bali
# a trip to Kyoto
# a trip to Abu Dhabi
# a trip to Dubai
# a trip to Liwa Desert
# watched a number of interesting films @ high altitude
# watched with honey panda: Spy (a 2015 movie that we completed watching on 20150817; To me, the lead actress played by Melissa McCarthy who reminds me on my Godmother, appears to realize ordinary people’s dream of becoming heroes and heroines, jet-setting places including Paris, Rome and Budapest), The Scam (2009), Kung Fu Jungle 一个人的武林 (2015), Star Wars (2015, see 20151221_starwars_lessons.jpg) and other interesting films
# hugs from family members, especially honey panda and little prince. I remember on 20150819, honey panda proactively gave me a hug before I went to work.
# my 50.75GB dropbox that allows me to work across multiple computers (PC / laptop) running Windows 7 Enterprise / Windows 8.1 / ubuntu.


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