What is your survival checklist?

Before we can create and produce meaningful things, we must survive and live.

  1. Pray with perseverance.
  2. Love yourself unconditionally.
  3. Do not 100% trust a single source. Always double and triple check. For example, for the Future Expatriate Leader Competition 2015, participants for the competition must address the following question: Tomorrow’s Global Market Leaders: What is the next small BIG thing? The topic is highly similar to the topic of earlier St. Gallen Symposium 2015 «Proudly Small»
  4. Remember that some people are not nice (so that they will not harm our loved ones and ourselves), though I still want to naively believe that people are in general kind.
  5. Be diplomatic and tactful to win friends and influence people.
  6. Do not reveal too much private selves. Never post online or throw away your airport boarding pass because the bar code contains the passengers’ personal information e.g. contact number and email address.
  7. Minimize visiting malls, restaurants, cinemas and large gatherings, if unnecessary.
  8. Be aware of silent killers. For example, “remove snow from car exhaust pipe before sitting in car and letting it warm up. Failure to remove snow can result in carbon monoxide poisoning.”

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