How to stay safe when we travel or live overseas?

Unlike cats with nine lives, we only live once. It is our ultimate responsibility to stay safe for ourselves and people who love and depend on us [1].

How to stay safe when we travel or live overseas?

  1. Pray. There is magic in praying.
  2. Research (read, listen, ask, observe) on the safety of the new area we are going to.
  3. Stay alert [2].
  4. Ask for written documents (e.g. receipts) [3]
  5. Eat natural food [5]

[1] see more at Asia2015/20151031_skype_safe.txt

[2] Be very careful when crossing the roads anywhere. In 2017, a woman was hit by a taxi in Henan, China. Over 20 cold-hearted passers-by did nothing to help her, perhaps for the fear of being accounted responsible financially, then a SUV ran over her; she did not survive.

[3] On 20180226, we booked a large taxi to Abu Dhabi International Airport. Not long before reaching the destination, I saw the meter showing ~ AED 60. Then, after we reached Terminal 3, the driver number xxxxxx [4] switched off the meter. I didn’t have a chance to see the final meter, so I requested for a receipt. The driver gave me a receipt of almost AED 90, from his pocket. However, I saw the start and end time (20:15 and 20:46), which were much earlier than my booking time for the taxi AD xxx [4]. Then, I again requested the driver to print a receipt for me, I mentioned that it’s for the company. He obliged as I hadn’t pay, the printed receipt showed only AED 75.5 (inclusive of AED 4 booking fee)! He tried to con us ~ 20%! Normally, I give tips to taxi drivers, but not to this dishonest driver.

Later, I realized that in the process of affirming our rights as passengers, I didn’t pay much attention to Little Prince, who were thankfully alright but a big man with trolley was trying to push on his direction as he was standing blocking the inpatient traveler. I was carrying Little Princess and I normally asked Little Prince to hold to my dress when both of my hands were not free (e.g. when making a payment), he does it automatically but he might be as distracted as us too.

[4] Since we all arrived safely at the airport, the taxi driver did not manage to con us, and all our things are intact, I decided not to make a specific complain about him. Perhaps, he was desperate to earn money, yet it does not justify him to do what he intended to do on us!

[5] On 20180227, Little Prince and I watched a video that papa sent via whatsapp, showing how potato chips are made of plastic! No more potato chips for us. Then, Little Prince asked, “how’s about crackers and keropok?” He likes kerupuk, so I told him he could eat once in a while but not often, and he could not eat too much for his good health.


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  1. […] News suggesting that our world is increasingly unsafe, even to just cross a road. […]


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