What are your bedtime affirmations?

Little children and adults who are young at heart love to listen to bedtime stories. In addition, it is a good practice to tell our own stories in the form of affirmations. Stories make us uniquely human.

Herein, I share with you my favorite bedtime affirmations.

  1. I have done my best for today.
  2. I have earned my rest for tonight.
  3. I have put my love into all my deeds.
  4. I have used kindness in all my thoughts.
  5. I have kept hopes alive and prepared for the rainy days.
  6. I lovingly instruct my subconscious mind to figure out my true life purposes, ideas and action plans to realize them.
  7. I close this day with pure joy and now drift into a sound sleep.
  8. It is okay to do small things, as long as we do small things with great love.

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