Why must we continue learning and be smarter than ever?

Perhaps one of the pleasurable activities with happy panda was watching films while enjoying our simple dinner that I cooked. For most films that we have watched, there are always something new that we can learn, especially about people and life. 人生如戏,戏如人生; life is like a drama, vice versa.

For example, we were sympathetic towards Min-Soo in the 2014 Korean movie Confession 좋은 친구들. Among his best friends since childhood Hyun-tae and In-chul, the orphaned Min-Soo appeared to be the least intellectual, perhaps due to his fall at the snow mountain. To Min-Soo who have no family, his friends Hyun-tae and In-chul are his world. Later on, his gullibility resulted in him joining the shady insurance agent In-chul in a failed scam and contributed the death of Hyun-tae’s mother. Not being smart not only harms ourselves, but also can potentially harm others. We are responsible to constantly learn and strive to be smarter than the previous selves.

Another lesson that I learned from this film is that human relationships can be pretty precarious, no matter how hard we try to cherish people. That’s a pain, I agree. Perhaps, the precarious nature of human relationships can be partly explained in terms of increasingly experiencing that people’s surface personality and inner core don’t always match. Almost every morning, I always pray for little prince: may you have many friends in your life, and be a good friend in return.

People stay together in relationships (friendships, marriage, etc) because they need and/or want each other. It is better to give more than to receive, so give others what they need and want, if we can. Give love, and we will receive love. Give hope, and we will discover hope.

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