What is your higher priority: family or work?

In the movie A Hard Day (끝까지 간다), the main character was mourning and he was trapped to knock a wanted man dead (actually, the man was already murdered). Then, his workplace was under scrutiny over bribery charges. He was busy putting off fire at workplace while being blackmailed; his daughter wanted him to accompany him for a birthday holiday, and he had to miss that. There were many things going on for him: work-family conflicts.

On 20151008, I learned about a schedule that creates a tension between my work and family commitment. I shared this to a team mate and intuitively learned that she would never understand my situation as she has no children. I have been praying for a good schedule, and the powerful allocated us the most challenging schedule. Perhaps, the universe wants me to learn from this challenge and apply the skill of fengxionghuaji (逢凶化吉) – the art of turning an inauspicious start to good account.

Well, I have not been able to come into a solution for this matter. Although my mind has been searching for possible solutions. Some of them, my colleagues may not agree, but you’ll never know until you have tried, as the mother of my direct boss said, as quoted by my direct boss on 20151007. Thus, TRY!

If things do not turn out well, I am grateful that at least I have saved some, though not as many as honey panda wishes, fund for future rainy days.

Perhaps, one day I will be able to work in Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) initiative as I learned from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3094103/, hence I will have minimal work-family conflicts and more work-family fit.

A job that does not require a lot of face-to-face contact may enable to use live sustainable minimalism and have more family time. I dream of a life where I work less but on things I love.

What would you do if you have to make a decision that you choose either family or work?

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