How to write an introductory email for potential partners and collaborators?

Recently, I was asked to make an introductory email by a former mentor who is interested to work with a colleague, who has a higher status than me. As in animal kingdom, status matters.

Here is a checklist:

Remember to ask for permission to make an email intro before making it

Write a unique email title. For example, "E-Intro: Person One & Person Two".

Be instantly specific about who the introduced is and what she wants.

Trumpet their achievements. People like to work with winners.

Don’t forget to highlight why both parties are special, especially in “introducer emails both parties directly” approach.

Specify what’s supposed to happen next. Suggest the appropriate medium. For example, emails, phone calls, face-to-face meeting.

Suggests multiple specific times.

To introduce both parties through a single email, we can put both parties on the “to” line, or if we want to be very clear about who should do the follow up, put higher status person on the “cc” line.

To save our time, we can ask the person requesting the introduction to write a forwardable email and add a sentence or two about our experience with the requestor, and send it over.

Some useful phrases:

Would you be interested to connect with [insert the introduced]? No worries either way [give our recipient an easy way out, our recipient may have too many commitments]

"I hope this introduction will lead to a great conversation in the near future. Please feel free to keep me posted."

It took me perhap 3-4 tomatoes, but I also learned about an aspect of email etiquette.



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