How to minimize wasting our time and energy on social media like facebook and linkedin?

On 20151002, I felt that I wasted a precious an hour of my life on facebook and linkedin, I must be more disciplined.

On 20151003, I also spent a time replying to the husband of a former’s colleague who inquired about a job at the company, city, country that I am in. There is information that I wish I could tell him, but it seems to be wiser not to do so. On 20150518, I experienced what Ralph Waldo Emerson highlights: “We do not quite forgive a giver. The hand that feeds us is in some danger of being bitten.

While I do not use facebook at work and only use linkedin once in a while, I realize that when I use facebook and linkedin at home, it takes a lot of my precious living hours.

Both facebook and linkedin are good resources to connect with people and learn new things. When my exchange study (during my undergraduate) ended, facebook allowed me to keep in touch with people across the Pacific Ocean. I have been very grateful, and many years later, one of them even invited me to his wedding.

I do my best to cherish people and the memory we have together. At a point, I was worried that facebook will end that I saved my list of facebook friends, which are

While I always try to use both facebook and linkedin positively, to connect with old and new friends and colleagues / bosses / mentors, to understand them, to anticipate what will be good for them, these digitally revolutionizing platforms can act as a double edge sword.

However, sometimes I realized (usually later) that I am using facebook and/or linkedin to make social comparisons. How do we know if we are successful, affluent, smart, good-looking? It is by making social comparisons, and this has been a chronic side effect of my professional trainings. I am sensitive to differences, outliers and patterns.

Moreover, social media like facebook is getting rich by wasting our time and energy.

Below are some strategies:

  1. abstinence / fasting from facebook and linkedin for a week, a month, a quarter, when we need to complete a major project. It worked for me before, and I did it by writing a reminder at the edge of my laptop. However, for some projects that involve connecting with new people, we sometimes need to check the person and his/her past work.
  2. Use a timer e.g. pomodoro when we give ourselves a treat of facebook time.
  3. Do not count the number of friends and followers as a measure of success.

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