What are the required traits and skills of successful tech entrepreneurs?

Have you ever dreamed to be an entrepreneur? While my father used to discourage me from doing so, perhaps he thought that life of entrepreneurs are unstable, a summer in Switzerland had convinced me that I must give entrepreneurship a trial, if not multiple trials.

After all, I was an entrepreneurial student who gave tuition sessions before I turned 18 and secured food for fellow hungry stranded passengers (they are accountant, engineer, etc). Although tiring and scary to be stranded passengers (due to an emergency landing), I realized that I could be resourceful when necessary.

As AI-backed robots are going to take away many of current jobs, among the most difficult-to-automate tasks or professions is entrepreneurship, according to Singularity Hub, which also emphasizes critical thinking (asking the right/discovering questions or using the Socratic questioning techniques), systems thinking, and cultural agility.

To be a successful entrepreneur, we can learn and nurture the required traits and skills.


  1. be determined: focus on the goals regardless of the challenges.
  2. plan: a planner who respects schedules and deadlines, yet knows when to strategically adjust.
  3. an abstract thinker who recognizes patterns and quickly learn rules to apply them to solve problems.
  4. take risks: a calculated risk taker who hopes for the best, yet can deal with the worst.
  5. think big, imaginative.
  6. a lifelong learner who always look to change and evolve to be better than ever. Be willing to outlearn and outwork others.
  7. a marketer / a storyteller who can tell a convincing story and make himself / herself and others believe. To succeed, an entrepreneur must be a smart self-promoter.
  8. never give up. Treat failure as a learning experience. Be able to stand up after falling over and dust themselves off.
  9. agreeable, warm, considerate and exudes compassion; yet straightforward whenever necessary.


  1. coding
  2. wireframing: can design visual blueprints to deliver wonderful digital experience to users.
  3. data-supported decision making
  4. accounting: when it comes to numbers, an entrepreneur must be meticulous, disciplined and organized
  5. communication: communicate clearly as (1) a storyteller who can tell a convincing story and make himself / herself and others believe (2) a coordinator who ensures smooth running of our team.
  6. connecting with others.
  7. marketing
  8. planning & business administration


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