What can we learn about subconscious mind from Joseph Murphy?

Today (20150916) I felt very sleepy because I slept pretty late at 1 am last night. I could not fall asleep immediately, but I tried to soothe myself.

I believe that with the power of subconscious mind, I can adjust my sleeping pattern to sleep earlier.

Habit matters. Our habits and habitual thinkings affect our subconscious mind and vice versa.

Picturize & visualize. Dr Joseph Murphy saw the subconscious mind as a darkroom within which we develop the images that are to be lived out in real life. Such an understanding of our subconscious mind functions akin to a photographic or scanning instrument, we can replace negative thoughts (images) with positive ones.

My prioritized visualizations:
# the reunion of our family for long-term in which each family member can grow together harmoniously, solve problems constructively, pursue our unique interest, eat healthy food, and exercise / play together.
# from 2017, earning at least what I earn today while being able to spend at least an hour of high quality time with little prince (reading together, drawing, discussing on his dreams).
# being able to invest wisely through our savings while serving with our heart while working overseas, so that we will not have to worry about our mortgage and can live a sustainable life even in the worst economic situations. Simultaneously, I sincerely hope that I can make contributions to people whom I come into contact with, either personally or virtually.

Pray & believe. Our desire is our prayer. Our desire must be good and life-affirming. “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.” – Thomas Edison. On 20160713, I told Little Prince things that became a reality for us and will be a reality for us [1].

I have a wonderful work, in a wonderful way, I give wonderful service, for wonderful income.

Be careful not to joke about misfortune, as the subconscious has no sense of humour.

Actualize / realize. Subconscious programming works well when we repeat our positive affirmations.

Use our subconscious mind to transform areas such as marriage, human relations, career, scientific discovery, sleep, fear, forgiveness and happiness.


[1] see Asia2016/believe_20160713.txt



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