Where are best places to invest in property?

Spain ~ 1 of my dream destinations.
French Riviera ~ I visited there once to celebrate a birthday and met wonderful people including an artist, a friendly property investor (we both admire Frida Kahlo and Ruan Lingyu), a landlord and her children who helps in her guest houses.
Tuscany in Italy
Algarve in Portugal
Manhattan in New York City
Krakow in Poland
Singapore ~ transparent market, easily obtained information, land shortage but expensive, rental yield is only 3%.
Malaysia ~ has a minimum purchase requirement, foreigners can own physical / agricultural land, for example in Penang, the minimum is $261,000 for apartments and $523,000 for houses (different rules apply if buyer is a company). Honey Panda told me that Penang is not as safe as what I remembered from over 1.5 decades ago. People change, places change too.
Philippines ~ rental yield up to 7.5%.
Cambodia ~ good for flippers.




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