Why innocence is important for a happy life?

I woke up at 8.30am with a blocked nose. Last night, I slept late at ~ 1am. Usually, I would go for a happy swim in the mornings of weekend. Hopefully, I can swim in the evening. Blue water makes me feel tranquil.

Tonight, I must sleep ~ 11 pm for the sake of my health. I was busy searching for information and inspirations for what’s next after my current pursuit. Honestly, I was worried.

When we were young, we see the world with innocent pairs of eyes. We were curious of places and people. We were thirsty of experience in life and work.

Blessed are those who are so naive that they do not know what they cannot do.” Alan Cohen

The younger happy green panda studied and worked very hard. Luck also played important factor and I have been tremendously grateful for everything that I have achieved. Sometimes, a question pop-up what if the 2011 achievement is the best of my life. Human beings always have the desire to do better. While I am more interested to do better than the previous self than out-competing others, I sometimes feel that I do not have the resources and energy like what I had for realizing the 2011 achievement. That’s fine, I must adapt and just do my best with whatever we have.

I believe in miracles. It all started with the 1999 achievement, and I remember fondly how my mother was very proud of me and relieved that our sacrifice (in terms of physical separations and money) paid off beautifully.

After the summer of 2002, I went to an environment full of smart people. I also had the doubt if my 2001-2002 achievements were my best. However, I succeeded to make the 2006 achievement (after four years of efforts). In my third year, I learned not to do many things that I did in my second year because I was honestly tired (slept ~ 2 or 3 am and woke up ~ 8 am the next mornings because of meetings that end at late nights). However, results from the second year efforts contribute to the 2006 achievement.

Then, I made the 2011 achievement which was better than the 2006 achievement. The lesson here is that I must not be worry about the future, but be grateful for whatever I had done and have now. I must also cherish every moment now and every person who cares of me.

Every grown-up surely hopes to earn more as experience accumulates and time passes. Sometimes, honey panda and I are concerned that in future, I may not be able to find a job that pays equal or greater than what I earn today. We have our own aspirations and goals. To overcome this fear, I propose at least three strategies.

First, I do my best to save as much as possible without reducing the quality of my life in terms of health. I strive to buy healthy food and do more home-cooking. It is cheaper (and surely healthier) than eating out at expensive restaurants. We do occasionally eat out to satisfy our desire for diversity. I am thick face enough to request for car-pooling and do not mind taking public transports (buses, trains, and taxis if the former two are not available). When we have a saving for rainy days and little / no mortgage, we will have less concern on whatever amount of salary that we receive and will be more open to diverse opportunities. Honey panda imagines a scenario when one can work as a waitress for a week, a cleaner for the next week, etc, just to experience different works.

Second, as long as I am doing a honest work that serves others, I must not care about what others think of me, in spite of how others treat me. I am here to express my potentials, not to impress others. There will always be others who need my service.

Thirst, I must constantly self-renew myself through learning both soft skills and technical skills. After all, it is through learning and application of knowledge that I have made progress in life. If there is no opportunity, I can create one. I can be an entrepreneur. It is fine that I have not conceived the idea of my enterprise, the inspirations will come.

The little happy green panda loves to imagine places and people. I collected expired travel brochures with beautifully-printed images that fuel my imaginations, from African safari giraffes to grand European architectures. Overseas holidays were only real in my imaginations. I had never travelled overseas until I had to do so to pursue knowledge in my teen years, in an exchange for living far way from my beloved family.

Because of my study and work, I am grateful for having lived in multiple cities in the East / West / Middle East. I value the experience of different cultures and respect harmonious ways of living. All these enrich my life experience and those who come into contact with me. A colourful life!

Today, while I am not travelling during every work holiday like some of my jet-setting colleagues / past university friends do, I am grateful for every opportunity to visit wonderful places on our mother earth. Welcoming the new year of 2007, I told honey panda my three travel plans. I have not realized them, but I believe that can do that. In the past, I have the drive to travel solo. These days, unless I have the coincidental opportunity (e.g. transit),  I prefer exploring local eateries and watching documentaries. Now, I am more interested to accompany little panda to see the world and do not mind to re-visit some places I have been to, because the trips will be unique for him and me.

Honestly, sometimes when we encounter someone of background X who makes our lives difficult, we can easily form a stereotype and subconsciously avoid people with background X in the future. Perhaps, such a self-protective mechanism originates from our tendency for simplifying complex matters. However, nobody is perfect. Everyone has his / her own agenda. Just remember the kindness [1] the person gave to us or the happy / inspiring moments we experienced together.

I remember a beautiful piece of advice: in time of fear (worry / anxiety), cultivate gratitude. I am grateful for all the opportunities to pursue formal education, that in turn contributes to me in securing jobs and earning a living to care for our parents and family.

Playing with children not only makes us happy but also nurtures creativity, because children see the world with fresh perspective. I pray that I will have more quality time to play and travel with little prince, so that he can grow up wisely and I can gain inspirations from him. In summer 2015, I promised him that we will go to London to ride on double decker buses together.

Growing up involves being responsible. We have the responsible to protect ourselves and our loved ones, with the best attempts not to hurt others. If we are in the situation that seems give us only two options (option 1:  we lose, the other party win; option 2: we win, the other party lose), we can tap into our subconscious mind and creativity to create option 3 (win-win). There will always at least a life-affirming third option.

Be innocent and kind with a protective shield. Be courageous to ask [2] for things that matter for us.



[1] 看人长处+帮人难处+记人好处 #pandaRemember 20160831 + ref*/*20160605* + 20161114 these words can help us not to have expectations on other people.

[2] #pandaAskSeekKnock ; on 20161114 I spent some time at a hotel reception so that we could save a little.


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