What can we learn about wealth from Wallace Wattles?

Recently, while exercising at the gym, Honey Panda listened to an audio book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. I recall that I had read the book in April 2013. It is always nice to revise as we will have different perspectives with our increasing age and experience.

In a 5-word summary, The Science of Getting Rich can be summarized as Vision + Faith + Gratitude + Creativity + Action.

We do not know what is the best for others, so it is better that we do not apply our will on others.

I agree with Wallace Wattles that many times, if not most times, when one struggles financially, he or she cannot really fulfil his or her potential. The same applies to the young children and elderly parents of the struggle. Poor parents cannot afford to send their kids to learn music or sports, or buy them books / computers to learn. Poor grown-up children cannot pay for nutritious supplements or medical bill of their elderly parents.

Believe that there are more than enough for all. Our universe is abundant and ever-renewing.

Metaphysical wealth is the foundation of all forms of wealth, including physical and material wealth. Prosperity writers highlight that the origin of wealth is thought.

"To think health when surrounded by the appearances of disease, or to think riches when I the midst of appearances of poverty, requires power; but he who acquires this power becomes a
master mind. He can conquer fate; he can have what he wants." ~ Wallace Wattles

I seek only what are in harmony with the universe. Believe that we will receive. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." ~ Matthew 7:7

Both honey panda and happy green panda strives to achieve financial freedom. Our motivations are good, because we want to develop our mind, travel, be in position to wisely and kindly give (money, time, advice, or gifts), and serve others with our unique talent, skill and personality.

Gratitude can nourish harmony and creativity in our lives. Gratitude brings us closer to sources of blessings in life. Gratitude protects us from falling into the competitive traps and the erase the sense of inadequacy.

Remember that bad things can be blessings in disguise.

Opportunities are abundant. I can create more instead of compete in zero-sum game.

I can develop all necessary talents.

Do not be doubtful, do not fear, do not worry, do not be indecisive. In time of doubt and fear, we cultivate gratitude to overcome our negative emotions.

Be humble, do not brag about my success because true faith originates from inner security. Moreover, humility and serenity is akin to chicken and egg.

Ensure that every man, woman and child with whom I come into contact that increase is given to all. I give every person more in use value than I receive from him / her in cash value. We tap into our unique talent, skills and personality to over-deliver.

The best thing that I can do for the world is to make the best of myself. We can help others more by making the most of ourselves.

Use our present business and environment to prepare for a better future.



listen to my audionotes: *20130804_20150906.amr



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