What can we learn from Andrew Carnegie?

I still remember when my parents and I, riding on a van in Scotland, our kind and cheerful driver pointed to us a home of Andrew Carnegie. Wow!

Leaders are readers. Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Carnegie believe in leaders are readers. In the age of overwhelming information, we must read wisely. Not every information is useful, however that does not mean that we stop learning. Thankfully, their ideas spread. I am tremendously grateful for access to libraries, especially in the birth country of Little Prince. Sadly, people often take things for granted.

Invest in yourself. Make yourself master in that line.

Focus but spread the risk. Never risk your capital to any great degree. You do not have to risk everything to think and act big. Get another party to carry the risk and use their reputation to assist your enterprise.

Be master of our mood and emotions. Think positively. A sunny disposition is worth more than fortune. Young people should know that it can be cultivated; that the mind like the body can be moved from the shade into sunshine.”

Learn about human nature. Learn to motivate others. Create connection capital. Always seek out interesting people to learn directly from the unique knowledge and experience of others.

Seek knowledge and value, not money. Both honey panda and I often imagine how wonderful our lives will be if we do not have to worry about bringing home the bacon and paying the bills / mortgage. Then, we can spend our time learning together. We will show little prince the awe and wonder of our mother earth. Surprisingly to me, Andrew Carnegie had the same idea of retiring at 35 and devoting his life to reading and study. I really respect him.

Travel and learn others’ culture. Little Prince, may you have the opportunities to travel and bring something to people of diverse cultural and social backgrounds, even that something may just be a smile.




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  3. […] for the rainy days. Invest in yourself (as highlighted by Andrew Carnegie and the richest man in Babylon) and invest to allow $ to create […]


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