What can I learn from my colleagues?

Today (20150817), I attended a meeting with my capable colleagues, some are graduates of top universities. They spoke fluently and articulated their ideas clearly. I was quiet for most of the times.

Instead of feeling boring, I decided that there are many things that I can learn from them.

English. The more I listen to proper English, the better I am at conversing in proper English. I pick up fast, yet I forget fast too. It is okay, I just keep on revising.

Be kind. A British-born female colleague is also very considerate. I accidentally almost dropped my spoon and created a mess, she quietly passed me some serviettes.

Endurance. On 20150818, I survived over 2 hours of meeting. Hopefully, nobody heard my rumbling stomach, because I was hungry. I must eat more breakfast.

Efficiency. They respond rapidly to email, whereas I prefer not to be distracted by emails, especially when I am on pomodoro. It is okay, everyone has a style of working, as long as I am not the last / worst.

Preparation matters. I need to revise materials before attending meeting. I need to read, revise and remember so that I can present my ideas confidently and not missing any item on our agenda.

MEMO. How to achieve minimum effort maximum output? Why not apply principle of least effort? Sometimes, I feel my hard-working colleagues spend too much time and efforts on details.


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