What can we learn from Harvard Business School?

Harvard University is a world-famous university. Many students dream to attend Harvard. For me, I am contented with a visit as a tourist guided by a Harvard member in 2010, learning from those who have attended Harvard and Harvard-associated online resources.

In What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School, Mark Hume McCormack highlighted that business needs innovation and being entrepreneurs require emotional commitment.

It is okay if we do not attend Harvard, as long as we follow our contribution, which is better than merely following passions that are pretty dynamics.

Happy green panda believes in saying only THINK (thoughtful helpful inspiring necessary kind) words. Never say bad things about others. If a friend talk badly about another person, would you wonder what s/he tell others about you?

On 20150814, honey panda perceives that we are like living in an outer space. Environment is harsh, but facility is good if not better than his competitive home town. I must be more grateful than ever, for simple things in lives, from our sea view and high rise home.


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