What are your favorite cafes?

On our 20150812 flight, I watched Little Big Master (2015). I cried. Sometimes, there are things that are more valuable than money, such as touching hearts and educating others. The movie highlights the HKD 4500/mth headmistress often emphasizes the importance of identifying our dreams and studying hard to pursue it, while her own dream is to be a teacher who never gives up.

It is also sad to learn that Hong Kong kindergarten goers have to attend so many tuition classes. When will these little children be able to play? I played a lot when I was little, though I attended some classes such as drawing and English as I was interested. However, I remember I played a lot as well.

In spring 2015, a good friend (honey panda even teased me that she is my bff) shared her dream with me. She would like to own her own cafe or eateries. She loves to bake cakes and cook dishes, integrating her knowledge of chemistry into baking and cooking.

Being an ESFJ (based on my observations), she also loves to entertain guests, so I think she would make a perfect cafe owner and chef. Recently, I learned that it is not as simple as one imagines to own and run a cafe. Important considerations include amount of money and energy invested.

Personally, I love smoke-free, family-friendly, soothing cafe. I have not found a favorite cafe perhaps due to our nomadic life. However, I remember fondly that I enjoyed spending time with little prince in several cafes in Singapore and Bali in summer 2015. I am grateful for all these beautiful moments.

Perhaps, it’s also true that not many cafes are long-lived, again highlighting the challenge of cafe ventures. That’s fine. I really love the ideas of visiting diverse cafes as we travel, imagine enjoying the slow pace of lives sipping coffee / hot chocolate accompanied by delicious desserts, on different cafes along the train routes from Singapore to London. Shall we, little prince?


* I also watched Wolf Warriors (战狼) and partially Far from the Madding Crowd (2015), an adaptation of the 1874 novel of the same name by Thomas Hardy. It is important not to fall in love with the bad guys. Fortunately the other two men are nice to her, I especially like the capable, frugal and loyal shepherd – Gabriel Oak.


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