Why did I save $2 for a haircut through walking from Orchard MRT to Plaza Singapura?

When I arrived @ 313 Somerset, I did not realize that QB House has raised its price from $10 to $12.

$2 is enough to enjoy a street ice cream ($1.2) or a slice of kue lapis ($1.6).

Therefore, I walked the distance between 3 MRT stations. I enjoy walking as a form of exercise.

Learning from mama who is contented with window shopping, just to learn what are trendy, I attempt to emulate her. Normally, I would spend my time doing other more productive things. Nevertheless, the window shopping reminded me on the slow walk with her.

Others may say that $2 is trivial for someone to me, but I prefer to be frugal. I ended up spending $10 for a haircut with EC House.

My favourite eggless emi cakes have also increased from $2 to $2.5, this corresponds to 25% increment.

I really feel the inflation effect. What can we do to hedge against inflation? We must invest with a return greater than the inflation. How?

At night, little prince imagines himself as a hairdresser and cut my hair using a toy scissor. I enjoyed the feeling of being loved and pampered. Thank you little prince!



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  1. […] to Princeton University and back. I strive to walk more like what I did (~1.6km) to save $2 on 20150811, […]


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