What are the highlights of our Bali trip in summer 2015?

We are grateful for:

  1. glorious sunset @ Seminyak Beach (https://instagram.com/p/51_4isM7BV/) + Padang-Padang beach (https://instagram.com/p/550-JsM7Cr/); we ♡ the crystal-clear water that allows us to see starfish
  2. met Dewi who just returned from Middle East after working there for 8 years.
  3. friendly café staff with big smiles + visit to several cafés. Honey panda loves the burger + fish @ Ku de ta. I like decorated nasi goreng seafood. The fried rice is generally less oily and less salty than Singapore ones.
  4. Daddy panda and little prince stayed in a villa with a mini swimming pool for the first time, though we had some uninvited guests including mosquitoes, a finger-long centipede, a mouse.
  5. flew passing a volcano with ashes (https://instagram.com/p/59pQkUs7HN/) that almost disrupted our Bali trip plan.
  6. learned about the economy of scale from honey panda / daddy panda who shared cost to reduce expenditure e.g. car cum driver rental, airport transfer, taxi.
  7. enjoyed a 50-min massage @ Rp65000 (plus tips Rp5000); honey panda brought little prince to accompany me. Honey panda highlighted that it is important to careful as he read a news about a man who went to China to have a massage and ended up paralysed. Perhaps, I should be contented with tiger balm neck and shoulder rub.
  8. learned about edible stories, such as beautifully decorated almond tofu with red bell pepper puree from a NYU-educated graphic designer who became an entrepreneur and chef (http://www.tate.com.hk)
  9. added the following places to my been there map (https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=zGL36Yk9tcac.kb7etZTxvD04): Jimbaran, Kintamani, Kuta, Seminyak, Tegallalang, Ubud and Uluwatu Temple.
  10. obtained an inspiration to visit Chiang Mai in Thailand and Perth in Australia to scout for liveable destinations that suit our lifestyle.
  11. Bali as little prince’s second overseas trip and his first overseas trip with both of his parents.
  12. Little prince enjoyed watching fish @ Tirta Empul Temple, monkeys (with caution) @ Uluwatu Temple, and starfish @ Padang-Padang Beach.


More: see the end of this email and Asia2015 folder


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