What can little prince learn from a visit to Godmother’s home?

Little prince is very fortunate to have an inspiring couple as his Godparents. They survived disasters and thrived in their spiritual, family life and careers.

Faith. Godparents have a very strong faith. They always pray before meals to express their gratitude. Godmother shared about their self-organized trip (6 adults + 1 toddler) to Paris (flying Air France) + Lourdes + Barcelona + Madrid + Lisbon + Fatima + Amsterdam (free stopover for flying with KLM). They also went to buy some religious goods to be sold for a fund-raising event.

Frugality. In spite of being the top 20% of the national population in terms of wealth (as inferred from housing), Godmother does not waste electricity by switching off AC even though it was relatively hot. Open the window and enjoy (a little) natural wind.

Fun. Godfather loves scuba diving a lot and actively pursues it in the midst of his busy career. After a prolonged period of work, we must rest and relax. A way to relax is to have fun. I have to thank little prince for allowing me to rediscover the fun of riding a double decker bus. It is much more inexpensive in comparison to theme park rides. Because of little prince’s fascination, a double decker bus ride is a looked-forward, gadget-minimal, hugging-cuddling experience. To be safe, with a smile / humble tone, I told the bus driver, "please wait for us. I’m going up (to the upper deck). Thank you."

Freedom. Godparents are continuously learning how to achieve financial freedom and financial abundance, as apparent from books that they read. While I love working on things that I think meaningful, freedom from boring and meaningless tasks seems possible, when someone else (directly or indirectly) shows you that s/he succeeded in doing it.


PS: To know what little prince happily ate @ Godmother’s home, see the end of the email. I think he tried the local delicacy for the first time this evening, courtesy of Godmother’s parents-in-law.

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