What are careers that Little Prince can consider?

I think with his innocent face, little prince can make a caring paediatrician. To achieve this dream, little prince needs to study hard and smart, so that he can get study medicine.

He has his personal experience that he can count on. In 2015, there were several consecutive months that little prince had to see doctor, spending several hundreds of $ each time.

A paediatrician helps to heal sick children and ease their sufferings. Medical doctors and specialists such as paediatricians are respectable careers. Although I love to help others, I think I am not internally strong enough to see the sufferings of many children daily.

On 20150811, at the playground near the temple near little prince’s paternal grandparents’ home, little prince told me that he wants to be a doctor. I asked him why, he answered me with a smile and a laugh.

For raising a family, medical specialists are earning well.

On 20150805, we spent for the followings (before GST):
90 ml chlormine $8.03 (the doctor said this is better than zyrtec)
dhatifen $13.35
6 pc pulmicort respules $18.25
sodium chloride $0.86
ventolin $14.87

a nebuliser loan is > $10 / day, a nebuliser costs $230 (before GST).

Daddy panda openly told the paediatrician that little prince likes her, perhaps this helps little prince to be examined more thoroughly.

I am concerned that little prince has to take steroid for at least 2-3 months. Continuous use for ~ 16 years results in shorter height by ~ 2cm.

On 20150808, we brought little panda for a repeat consultation that costed a total of over $100. Specifically,
1 can of flixotide evohaler 50 mcg (120 doses) $44
1 pc of ventolin inhaler 100 mcg $16.51
Both prices are before 7% GST.


  1. bring face mask when seeing doctor so that we do not have to buy a new face mask again ($10.7).
  2. bring previous medications.
  3. request for lower consultation charger since little prince, sadly, has been a relatively regular patient.

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