What are your favourite lessons from the purpose driven life by Rick Warren?

Even though I did not come from a religious family, I started praying since I was in grade 1 (~ 6 years old). I acknowledge my first primary school for inspiring me to do so. Places shape people, people shape places.

Since then, I believe that there exists something greater than us. The Universe. God.

I am grateful that I am inspired to re-read "the purpose driven life" by Rick Warren in summer 2015. Herein are meaningful (at least to me) highlights from a summary of my reading.

5. Life is a test. With great privilege comes great responsibility.

16. Live a life of love. God is love. Love yourself. Love people. (page 81) Love now. Be kind, especially to those in need and will never be able to repay you.

"It’s not what you do, but how much love you put into it that matters" ~ Mother Teresa (page 82). This is a beautiful piece of advice that is applicable to the pursuit of career. Sometimes, you must bear with your current endeavour (and do your best in it), so you can upgrade to the next one.

18. Be kind, empathetic, humble.

When we understand and affirm someone’s feelings, we cherish and build relationship with him / her.

Seek no revenge. It is not easy to forgive, but forgiving is helping ourselves more that others. If someone hurts us repeatedly, we are not expected to continue letting them to hurt us or to trust them (page 94)

25. Every (unavoidable) problem (stress, loneliness, rejection, criticism, temptation) is a learning, growing, character-building opportunity.

26. When we are tempted to worry or fear, decide to trust and believe in the universe, so we are at peace.

29. Serve and contribute. It is okay if your contribution is less than others, as long as you do your best and with love. We are given unique abilities, talents, interests, personality, and life experiences; when we use these gifts to help others, we fulfil our purposes (page 147).

36. Spend your life on something that outlast your life (page 181). Some examples that I can think of are raising children, nurturing next generations, making important discoveries and inventions, building infrastructures, spreading positive ideas.





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