What information is reliable?

We live in world where we’re bombarded with information, that comes to us from all sides and all the time. Have you ever felt overwhelmed? It’s ok.

What information is reliable? Some information is questionable. For example, promises of riches can be too good to be true via mass emails and salespeople. How to tell the real deal?

Online ‘experts
‘ are booming everywhere at accelerating rates. Not every health warning you read is necessarily good for you. How to get an expert opinion. How to tell the real gurus and experts? Try to get a second, third opinion.

Be careful of unverified user-generated content. Just because someone wrote about a particular topic, we should not 100% believe it. How to distinguish fact from fabrication? How to find facts?

News reports are often full of tragic news, wars, crises, natural and man-caused disasters. Too much information can lead to confusion. Learn to filter out excessive information through practising selective ignorance and consuming low information diet.

Social media (Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp) are full of information. Just because everyone is sharing it, you do not have to believe it or forward it; the news may not be real or the advice may not be accurate.

Some strategies to ensure that we are SURE of the information:

  1. Source: Ensure that the source of information is credible and reliable.
  2. Understand: Search for clarity. Look for facts rather than opinion.
  3. Research: Dig deeper and go beyond the initial source. Investigate thoroughly before jumping to a conclusion. Check and compare multiple sources. Be careful that several sources copy each other.
  4. Evaluate: Find the balance. Exercise fair judgement. Look from different angles. There are at least two (if not multiple) sides to a story.


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