Why must we write?

  1. Write for yourself.
  2. Write and share to your loved ones, they can include the whole universe.
  3. Write to share your learning journey and life stories.
  4. Write to nurture more gratitude and unleash more creativity than ever.
  5. Writings are the backups of our thoughts, aspirations, emotions and experience.
  6. Writings, hopefully, preserve our brain beyond its biological expiration date.
  7. Write to externalise ideas and inspirations that visit us transiently.
  8. Writings allow us to revisit our lives and understand our evolution as days, years and decades fly. Time travel!
  9. Write so that we will never forget things that we must do: from simple grocery list to complex grand dream list.
  10. Writings serve as reminders of our priorities, when we are affected by our changing emotions and environment.
  11. While people have kindly complimented me with a pairs of patiently listening ears, I do not wish to burden others with my problems. So, I write to solve problems.
  12. Writings allow those who come after us to learn from our mistakes and to live better lives.
  13. Write because you love what you have learned from human interactions, real live events, books, films, direct observations, experiments, or self-meditation.
  14. For some people like happy green panda, self-expression in the forms of writing and language help us to release everything that is going on in our head. see ref2015/personality*20150923.txt




  1. Transform ideas into actions + consistency + organize our minds better (http://elitedaily.com/life/power-of-keeping-a-notebook/1067990/)


  2. […] writing + master the art of writing + just write! Write well, very well. Write early and often. Provide regular written feedback to your team […]


  3. […] our best to save (preserve/backup) our aspirations (dreams), thoughts, and memories in the forms of words, visuals, voices/sounds. While I am highly aware that the URLs to picasa, instagram, wordpress, […]


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