How to prevent and delay myopia?

It is saddening for me to see a large number of very young children wearing spectacles, especially in cities and mega cities.

Here are what I have learned from BBC on how to prevent or delay the onset or the worsening of myopia.

More outdoor : Look at things at greater distance to allow regulation of your your eyes

More sunlight : Sunlight appears to decrease eye elongation and myopia progression, nourish the eyes, through stimulating the production of vitamin D.

I love our lovely working place today. It is indoor with AC but glass windows up to ceiling, through which sunlight can penetrate and we can see as far as Marina Bay Financial Centre. In summer 2015, I bought my parents here and they enjoyed the sea view cum city view.

See more green and blue. That’s why we love gardens, lakeside and blue sky.

May our “future generations enjoy the crystal-clear vision that was once our ancestors’ birthright“.



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