How to handle objections?

Rejections and objections are parts and parcels of life. Never be discouraged!

Common objections include:
no time
no money
no interest
no need (at least for now)
no hurry
no connection (e.g. have friends in this industry)

To overcome “no time” objection, say:
I assure you that it will be a short 15 minutes.
I can illustrate to you how you can save (time/money) or increase (health/wealth/productivity) in … minutes. May I please?

To overcome “no money” objection, say:
Suppose the cost is not an issue (objection) do you feel it (the product / service) can benefit you in …
The cost per day is only (sounds affordable) …

To overcome “no interest“, say:
Allow me to just go through this with you for a short while, and you can keep the reference for future.
What do you look out for in a product (e.g. credit card, property)?
Use scaling of interests e.g. from 1 to 10 (being most likely to buy). If s/he suggests an interest level of e.g. 7, ask what you could do to increase it to 8, 9 and 10.

To overcome “no connection“, say:
I can give a second opinion.
You are nice person as you would like to support your friends, but you should act in your own interest first (especially if the benefits are better).

You can also say:
I understand the costs / outlays involved. However, the benefits you enjoy outweigh it.
It makes sense to me. I believe it make sense to you too.
Cheap things don’t come good. Good things don’t come cheap.



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