Why do a project HGP?

Project HGP stands for Happy Green Panda. It was kicked-started in summer 2015 @ my almamater campus, to encourage “HGP writer” to write more on THINK stuff.

T = thoughtful
H = helpful
I = inspiring
N = necessary
K = kind

The chief aim is to make writing as easy and effortless as possible.

I believe that I can write daily.

The process involves an open-ended question per post. No minimal or maximal words are needed. You can write as little or as long as you wish.

HGP is a mini project (also the first mini project) of Project 36524, that requires an inspiring image of square ratio per post.

HGP helps me to organize my thoughts in logical and motivating ways. I have ideas everyday from everywhere, such as people whom I talk to or simply learn via media, from our life experience and experiments.

Writings can help us to make better decisions. It is ok if we have little audience, even if the audience is just ourselves. Just write!

To facilitate easy search based on timestamp, the date format used is Ymj example: 20150721.

After pondering among the free themes of Afterlight, Cyanotype, Together and Chalkboard, I decided to try on the theme Chalkboard by Edward R. Jenkins, for its classic schooldays look. Thank you!

To motivate ourselves and to differentiate, we need a tagline. Our tagline is “Embrace gratitude + creativity + productivity” was inspired by a tagline to make baby panda happy: “We are happy panda family”.

For your easy reading, I try to use lists and avoid long paragraphs.

To enhance productivity, I use pomodoro technique. I usually sign in using a twitter account so that I can keep track of how many (minimum*)hours I have committed to this project.

*Sometimes, if not many times, I drafted the post on mobile phones and no tomato is set.

Refer more rules for HGP @ Asia2015/rules_hgp_*.txt


On 20150814, I changed the theme to Origin by AlienWP. I chose Merriweather Sans font over Alegreya Sans. I also considered Wu Wei by Jeff Ngan, but it does not allow me to have side widgets.


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