On 20190219, I disappointedly discovered that the plastic lid of my Zebra stainless steel container had some black marks which are mold! I only placed them in the kitchen cupboard of our kitchen early last month. The lid was fine when I left it over the summer 2018. Perhaps, it’s the humid weather of Singapore […]

Honey Panda grumpily lamented the SGD 6500 that he spent for 4 of us for our Taiwan 2019 trip. Since our travel period included the Lunar New Year 2019, he had to pay a premium for the accommodation and tour guide. Nevertheless, there are surely things that we are thankful for: delicious and relatively inexpensive […]

On 20190216, I found cotton balls and facial cottons that were used to wipe the butt of Little Princess when she was younger. As I wiped the dust on the plastic away, I asked what we could use them for: grow bean sprouts materials: mung bean, container it’s good for Little Princess to learn about […]

Sometimes, I am worried that Little Princess will not learn as much as her peers who attend a nursery. Herein, I have kept tracked of what she has learned. When time allows, I previewed what she would experience. To allow her to review, I often allow her to re-watch those videos she watched before. For […]

On 20190107, our independence-loving Little Princess refused to hold hands with her brother after we went to pick Little Prince. She has loved to wear her own sandals with stripes, without any help. At home, she was a little angry at her just-trying-to-help big brother and suddenly made a phone-calling gesture uttering “Hello, Hello Police. […]

After his first flight across the Indian Ocean in Spring 2017, Little prince has dreamed to be a pilot. The excitement of flying has driven him to do the followings: draw many airplanes for his friends, my colleagues, pilots & cabin crew. build many airplanes using LEGO, molecular modeling kits, paper, any material he can […]

Below is our gratitude list for Spring 2019: Ate healthy and/or delicious food: 201901*eat_mama_homecooked.jpg Little Prince got to celebrate his birthday on the eve at his school. 5 of his classmates, 3 a-year-younger-children, and his sister sat around his birthday table. He had a lovely Mickey Mouse cake at the airport with aeroplanes and baggages. […]